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Decking Cleaning Glasgow

Pressure Washing & Ground Maintenance Services

Dapper decking cleaning Glasgow provide a professional decking cleaning and repair service throughout Glasgow, East Kilbride, Paisley, Hamilton & Motherwell.

Dapper offer expert decking maintenance service, in and around Glasgow, with years of experience we can transform a tired worn deck, enhancing the look of your exterior space and prolonging the life of your deck.

First a note about decking cleaning methods:
Decking cleaning is not a DIY job and is certainly not a job that should be undertaken by an inexperienced pressure cleaner. Decking boards have been pressure treated however they are still a soft material and as such need to be cleaned very, very carefully.

Decking or any other timber should never, ever be cleaned by a rotary cleaning system. A rotary cleaning machine works, as it's name would suggest, by rotating at high speed, this may be great for hard surfaces like paving. However when it comes to timber as everyone knows you should always work with the grain of the wood, not against it. Rotary cleaning machines clean in a circular motion which will be cutting across the decking boards, even when the machine is running parallel to them.

Rotary cleaning machines are a great time saver as they cover large areas very quickly, but when it comes to decking there is no quick fix, each board much be cleaned individually working with the grain

Deck & Timber Cleaning
All outside structures need cleaning or some form of 'cosmetic' maintenance from time to time. Decking is no exception. Areas under planters, and the area adjacent to the BBQ grill are typical. You may also get rust stains from metal furniture legs etc. Timber decking is relatively maintenance free, but they do need cleaning from time to time

Decking timber, like and other wood naturally fades as a result of exposure to ultra violet light from the sun's rays - even here in the UK!

Dirt by way of atmospheric dust particles, overhanging tree debris, bird droppings, BBQ debris!
Biological degradation of decks include, fungal activity, moulds, decay, and in shaded areas algae or moss.

Stains from unsuitable fittings can also cause problems such as un-galvanized nails, screws and bolts.

Do not use any chlorine based bleach, for whilst this will clean your deck of algae and mildew in particular, it will also break down the lignin in the deck timber - which holds the wood together!

Decking cleaning is not as straight forward as other surfaces due to it being a naturally soft porous material. At Dapper we use a jet washer with a nozzle specifically designed for cleaning timber. This is not a heavy duty cleaner and I repeat no timbers should ever be cleaned with a rotary cleaner or industrial washer. Anything to powerful or with the incorrect nozzle will leave the timber with a 'wooly' finish, as it will destroy the wood fibers. The result will be irreversible damage to the wood fibers.

Once the deck is clean - then and only then - you can think about a long term Decking Treatment regime to enhance the colour and prolong the life of your deck. Even after a suitable treatment application, regular cleaning of your deck is important to maintain the colour of the deck timbers.

Problems that can be prevented are those often associated with placing planted containers and furniture on the deck. Planted containers - great deck assets - should have a moisture-proof stand underneath. Also do any planting and re-potting either off the deck, or with a good protective groundsheet under the work area.

Below are a couple of the most common causes of deck staining and how best to prevent them:

Planters - Tubs and Pots etc on Timber Decks
When you move planters about on your deck, you are often left with areas that have not 'faded' at the same rate as the rest of the deck, or patches of algae growth under where the planters were. The damp areas under planters are ideal for algae.

One way to prevent these problems is to place the planters on plant stands - or even the small terracotta 'feet' that are available in any garden center.

Rust Marks
Rust marks can usually be removed using commercial rust remover, or even a very light sanding on a dry day. Prevention is best, paint the undersides of metal furniture to prevent this happening, avoid un-galvanized plant pots if possible.

Decking Furniture

More often than not decking furniture sits in exactly the same place on the deck month after month year after year. Move it around the deck from time to time when it is not being used, this will let sunlight get to the normally shaded area under the furniture, the decking will age evenly.

Take advantage of Glasgow's premier decking cleaning service call Dapper today, 07854 838 466


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