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Driveway Cleaning – Driveway Sealing
Ground Maintenance

  Dapper offer a comprehensive pattern imprinted concrete maintenance service. As well as our standard cleaning service we can colour match your concrete paving and restore it to its original condition, with two coats of our specialist sealant.

Because of its durability, pattern imprinted concrete is becoming more and more popular with homeowners as the preferred surface for their driveway or patio. Dapper specialise in the cleaning and sealing of all types of imprinted concrete, we can also repair most cracks and holes.

When it is first laid the imprinted concrete is then coated with a concrete sealer to protect the surface and a dye to enhance the appearance by giving the concrete a colour. The sealer will protect the concrete from wear, help to minimise any colour loss, plus help to prevent algae growing on the surface. A 'top up' coat of sealer should be applied every 3-5 years to keep the concrete in optimum condition.

Winters as we all know can be long and hard especially on exterior surfaces, here’s a few tips for reducing the
likelihood of winter damage:

• Always make sure expansion joints are clear of any debris.
• Never use red grit to prevent ice, this is corrosive and
  will damage the existing sealant.
• Never use a metal shovel to break any ice; you will only
  chip the concrete.

As an existing owner of one of these driveways or patios, you are already aware of the great benefits of pattern imprinted concrete - attractive to look at, distinctive, weed free, long lasting. Now you think it's starting to look a bit dull, there are some cracks appearing, an annoying stain, the edges have crumbled a little bit and you want it repaired and restored.

What do we do?
We professionally clean, repair and reseal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, paving or patio, using only appropriate equipment, detergents and techniques.

How do we do it?
Using specialist chemicals, we breakdown the existing surface were appropriate, once the driveway cleaning is complete we can properly asses the condition of the pattern imprinted concrete.
As necessary, we repair any cracks, chips or crumbling using matching concrete repair compound in the relevant colour. Next we apply two coats of our specialist pattern imprinted concrete sealer again in the appropriate colour.

How long does it last?
As with any new pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio, this depends upon the amount of traffic and wear and tear. A regularly used drive may need to be resealed every 2-3 years, a patio that has infrequent use can last for 5-7 years before it needs a reseal. Sometimes all that is required is a clean to bring the colour back up, we can advise once we have seen the condition of the surface.

For further information or to arrange a driveway cleaning quote call today on 07854 838 466, or contact us via the online form.
Dapper Pattern Imprinted Concrete Colouring Glasgow

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