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Monoblock Cleaning Glasgow


Monoblock Repair – Driveway Cleaning
Monoblock Sealing

  Dapper, Glasgow's most comprehensive monoblock cleaning, sealing and repair service.

Our monoblock cleaning and repair services are available to domestic and commercial customers, we can fully restore all monoblock paving from patios and driveways to car parks and roads.

Dapper ground maintenance staff are fully trained monoblock installers as such we have extensive understanding of how best to clean and repair monoblock paving, cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure the paving looks its best and stands the test of time.

Monoblock cleaning may seem like a straight forward enough task, simple enough for the DIY enthusiasts to tackle or the kind of job for a handyman to handle.

Think again monoblock cleaning requires the right tools for the job and the right training. This is a very dirty, time consuming process which needs to be undertaken in the correct manner to ensure the best possible results. Simply blasting away with any pressure washer runs the risk of a number of problems:

• Substrate damage
• Rapid stone deterioration
• Discolouring
• Streaking
• Blocked Drains
• Water ingress to the property
• Damage to adjacent property

These problems and many more are all potential pitfalls for anyone not fully trained to do the job. Block paving is an asset to any property and is expensive to install, so why take the chance of something going wrong?

Dapper's monoblock cleaning service always includes a weed, moss and algae treatment along with re-sanding with good quality kiln dried sand, this is included in the price quoted and is never charged as an extra.

Re-sanding monoblock paving is essential, the sand not only leaves a lovely finish enhancing the look of the paving but helps maintain the structural integrity of the monoblock as well as helping to keep the weeds down.

The sanding can only be undertaken when the monoblock has fully dried out, trying to rush this part simply does not work, the weather may prevent us from sanding the same day of the monoblock cleaning, however this will not effect the cost, all our jobs are fixed price, regardless how many visits we make.

As well as cleaning and reapring monoblock paving we also provide a monoblock sealing service. Using our specialist sealants we can restore faded colour as well as help prolong the life of your driveway or patio.

Monoblock cleaning, repair & sealing is a specialist service, all staff are fully trained and have a City & Guilds PA1 & PA6 certificate or sprayer’s license this is a legal requirement in the UK for any professional contractor applying pesticides & weed killers.

We have Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance and are licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) Registration No. WCR/R/1135454, again this is legal requirement for businesses using chemicals and removing any relevant waste that may be generated from their work.

Anyone considering employing a pressure cleaning or ground maintenance contractor should always take into account these factors before instructing any work.

Repairs that we regularly undertake include:

• Remove unsightly stains
• Remove chewing gum
• Reinstate sunken or raised areas
• Replace broken monoblock
• Remove tree roots
• Remove ants nests
• Repair frost damage

To take advantage of Glasgow’s premier monoblock cleaning service, call Dapper today on 07854 838 466.


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