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Moss Removal

Waterless Paving Cleaning – Chemical Free Paving Cleaning
Environmentally Friendly, Mechanical Weed & Moss Control

Dapper Ground Maintenance offer Glasgow's only water free, weed & moss control service. As an environmentally consciences business, we are continually looking for ways to improve our services as well as the environment we live and work in.

As such we are proud to be at the forefront of water free paving cleaning, with the new service now available to domestic and commercial customers throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas.

All paved surfaces need maintenance from time to time, since their development, block paving has been used as an economic, long life alternative to tarmac and monolithic concrete. Whether on drives, pavements or large open areas it presents benefits of drainage and appearance over the alternatives. The planned maintenance will dictate the ongoing drainage performance, the grip the surface provides, the cleanliness of the surface and the expected life span of the surface before renewal.

Weed and moss brushing the paving surface should be a part of any well planned maintenance program.

The gaps in paving are generally filled with sand, which can be compacted over time and reduce drainage properties. This can be compounded when organic matter contaminates the infill material. This not only restricts the drainage capacity but also retains moisture in the filling material. This prolonged moisture
retention and organic material provides ideal conditions for moss and algae to flourish. This can result in dangerous slippery conditions and produce an unpleasant appearance as well as an od006Fur. In extreme cases the algae can cause puddles leaving a thick black sticky residue that can solidify when the surface does eventually dry out. Because the gap between the block allows for it, in many cases other weeds, may appear and cause further damage to the surface rendering it unusable and even dangerous.

With Dapper Ground Maintenance's new water & chemical free system we can control the problem of weeds and moss without using water or spraying chemicals into the environment. For a growing number of households and businesses improving there environmental impact is paramount.

For a free no obligation quote call Dapper Ground Maintenance today on, 0141 261 9409 or contact us via the online form.



Courtyard Cleaning - Before

Courtyard Cleaning

Courtyard Cleaning - After

Waterless Driveway Cleaning

Waterless Driveway Cleaning
in Glasgow - Before

Waterless Driveway Cleaning

Waterless Driveway Cleaning
in Glasgow - After

Waterless Driveway Cleaning


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