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Pothole Repairs Glasgow

Tarmac Repair – Asphalt Repairs
Car Park Maintenance

Dapper Ground Maintenance offer professional pothole, tarmac and car park repair services. Based in Glasgow our service area covers the central belt, all services are available to domestic and commercial clients

Our car park maintenance services include:

• Sign Repairs & Installation
• Bollard Repairs & Installation
• Asphalt Patching
• Graffiti Removal & Anti Vandal Coatings
• Litter Picking
• Car Park Cleaning
• Sweeping & Gritting
• Snow & Ice Clearance

In the main potholes are formed by water seeping through cracks in the asphalt surface of a road. When temperatures plunge, the water freezes, expands and causes the road surface to rupture. The ice then melts leaving a cavity below the surface, which then collapses under the stress of vehicles and inevitably forms a pothole.

Our service includes emergency call outs as well as preventative maintenance of asphalt, tarmac and paving for domestic and commercial properties. Be it a pothole in your driveway or car park or your simply fed up waiting for the local authority to repair a pothole at the entrance to your property, get in touch potholes will only get bigger.

Pothole repairs can vary greatly from fretted joints and small patches being nipped in the bud before becoming a real problem to huge deep holes and ruts that could easily damage vehicles. Dapper ground maintenance can provide a solution to each specific type of pothole repair, we offer cold and hot lay options as well as slurry screeding, trench reinstatements and surface dressing, each job is individually assessed during the site visit to establish the best repair option.

A guide to the process of a general pothole repair is outlined below to give an idea of what's involved.

Pothole Repairs:

1. Clear the area of loose derbies and standing water
2. Cut out a picture frame around the pothole
3. Excavate the area to the required depth depending
    on the damage
4. Seal and prime the edges and base with bitumen
5. Add and spread the new materials leaving approx
    20mm proud
6. Using a wacker or roller compact the area
7. Finally seal up the edges with bitumen

For a free no obligation quote call Dapper Ground Maintenance today on, 0141 261 9409 or contact us via the online form.


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