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Dapper artificial grass maintenance services, for the existing owners of artificial grass. One of the greatest benefits of artificial grass is the low maintenance factor, but that doesn’t mean any maintenance.

There is still some upkeep required to keep an artificial lawn looking its best year-round, below is our simple guide with a few tips on keeping your artificial grass as good as new:

  • Regular brushing, brush the lawn in multiple directs to keep the turf pile upright, bouncy, and most importantly natural looking.
  • Keep your artificial grass debris-free, easier said than done in the autumn but it’s worth taking the time to remove fallen leaves and organic matter. This will help prevent the growth of moss and algae especially in shaded areas which in turn helps with drainage keeping artificial grass-free draining will prolong the life span.
  • Weeds, might be artificial grass but the weeds don’t care, the odd one will appear this is normal and nothing to worry about but should be removed. The simplest and quickest way to remove any weed is by hand, often though this is just removing the top of the weed and not the root. Using the correct weedkiller on your artificial grass is perfectly fine as long as it is water-based and we would always recommend doing a test spot first.
  • Artificial grass is designed and manufactured with stain-resistant material that should allow the majority of stains to be removed with hot soapy water some washing-up liquid will usually be enough. For tougher stains, a specialist cleaning detergent specifically for artificial grass should be used and as above we would always recommend doing a test spot first.
  • Clearing snow and ice from artificial grass is fine if a path across is required, just avoid breaking up any ice or compacted snow with a shard shovel, which will go straight through the artificial grass. Always use a rubber or plastic snow shovel, even then be careful not to puncture the membrane.
  • Chewing gum, really simple, keep it away from your artificial grass, it can be an expensive task to remove if at all possible.
  • BBQ, fire pits, fireworks, cigarettes, pretty much all sources of heat as above keep them away the only solution is a patch repair and it’s not always possible to get an exact match.
  • Plucking or pulling of artificial grass, young kids and pets will occasionally pull at the grass, it won’t grow back so best to teach them how best to treat it.

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